Riding Levels for Group Classes
Hearthstone Farm Inc.

Can steer at walk and posting trot enough to ride safely in a group setting.

Can do turn on forehand and leg yield at the walk. Knows basic ring figures. Secure at sitting trot and has started to learn to canter.

Can keep horse in canter at will. Can sit trot without bouncing. Learning to bend horse correctly. Learning to keep correct connection with horse’s mouth at walk, trot and canter.

Can ride horse correctly on the bit at walk, trot, and canter. Can understand and apply leg and seat aids for turning and bending. Working on shoulder-in, travers, renvers, half-pass, and turns on haunches at walk and lengthenings, leg yield, stretching circles, and shoulder-in at trot, and on counter-canter, lengthenings, and changes through the trot in canter.

Has shown successfully at First Level, or been assessed to ride well enough to do so. Understands how to produce correct lengthenings of stride at trot and canter. Secure in counter-canter, shoulder-in, and riding half halts. Working on developing early collection, simple changes, lateral work at trot and canter.

Has shown successfully at Second Level, or been assessed to ride well enough to do so. Understands and feels correct collected and medium gaits, and is ready to focus on correct work at Third Level or above.

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